About Pamila Faye

Feng Shui Consultation

19Pamila Faye has been a flight attendant, full time mother who raised 3 children, Librarian, Nutritional & Herbal consultant, and Professional Organizer before studying and practicing Feng Shui.

She had not understood or used Feng Shui until she met a Chinese Medical Practitioner who used BaZi to see what was needed for balance in her health. This happened in 2006 and changed her life. As the doctor knew more than any of her family did about her life. The knowledge he shared began a year of intense study at Yan’s Professional Feng Shui Institute, then with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  This is where her studies rose up to a higher level completing all the levels of study for BaZi and graduating with distinction from Mastery Academy. Studies followed in Zi Re/Date Selection, Xuan Kong, Flying Stars, and Feng Shui completing the fourth and final level in the fall of 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Distinction from Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Studies continue with Master Joey Yap in China and Tibet seeing 1000-2000 year old Mansions of some of the wealthiest Chinese who had used Feng Shui and how the landform supported them for centuries.

Pamila Faye believes the Classics of Feng Shui help by giving reference and understanding about one’s self, home, wealth, relationships, health and career. And that it is an amazing science that thousands of years later, is still sharing truth and support for those who desire it.

Our Universe is a Universe of order. We have the season’s return each year, morning and night continue to arrive each day, and this order is what the Chinese discovered that they called Feng Shui. Feng Shui helps us achieve balance in our everyday lives if we choose to use it. A home can tell the energy that can impact it, as the BaZi charts clearly explain the strength and weakness of an individual, but its the “Free Will” choice we each have to use this understanding for our good. This ancient science has helped many over the centuries, and Pamila Faye is grateful to have been taught Classical Feng Shui, and thankful to share with those who want the support of Feng Shui.

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