Feng Shui Commercial

1. On-Site Business Consultations are for companies located in VA., MD., and the Washington DC area, in the United States and abroad. We help by diagnosing your surrounding landform and building design, to improve the physical environment and how it impacts your employee productivity, and ultimately company success.

  • We use Flying Star, Bagua, 8 Mansions, other formula’s and current ¬†year energy calculations
  • Consulting for the door entry, space within the entry to bring more clients and success.
  • The consultant uses BaZi chart analysis for the CEO and business team leaders to get the optimal results for each of them.
  • Find the best locations and directions for their offices along with colors, type of element for furnishings and where to place the furniture for success.
  • We give the most auspicious date to make these changes for success.

2. Building, Buying, Selling, Staging

  • Building a home or office requires the evaluation of the land, or several parcels of land to find the best energy and tap into it. We evaluate the surrounding land and environment and give you an evaluation based on the findings. We also give the direction and location to place the home or office.
  • Home buying is assisted through evaluation of the chosen home and how it is supported environmentally. Evaluating if the 8 mansion sectors are in tact, and how the home will support the occupants based on their personal Gua. Once we find the most auspicious home for your needs we give you auspicious dates using Date Selection for making an offer, settlement and move in date. These dates allow all to go smoothly and set the tone for the entire time you live in this home.
  • Selling a home we consult what the current energy shows based on the years energy
    on how easy it will be to sell the home, as well as what the BaZi charts show for the occupants on its selling probability. We help you stage the home to allow harmony and balance for those who enter. We also give you auspicious dates to list the home for
    selling it.

3. Work with Developers for placement of model homes, entry into communities and layouts

  • We have helped choose the most auspicious site for roads to enter a new development, and where to place the model homes, along with any other placement necessary. We give auspicious dates to begin all stages of the development. And work with the Project Manager as needed.

4. Workshops, Classes and Corporate Functions

  • We will do workshops and classes in businesses, corporate offices, private homes, schools and universities to give clarity on Classical Feng Shui and simply how it works. We do 5-minute readings for those in the workshops of their BaZi chart and which direction is best for them to sleep and work at the end of the discussion.
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