Feng Shui Residential

1. On-Site Home Consultations are for clients in VA, MD, and the Washington DC area.

  • A consultation is based on the square footage of your residence, with appropriate time based on the size.
  • Compass measurements are taken on site, as well as landform taken into account using the Bagua and Flying Stars.
  • The current year energy is matched to the locations of the home, giving clarity on the positives to look for, and negatives to mitigate.
  • Brief analysis of BaZi birth charts will be done for the individuals living in the residence sharing the best directions for their sleep and work or study.
  • Our goal is to find and tap into the energy outside and allow it to support all who dwell inside.
  • Recommendations are made to balance or adjust energy, and based on the clients needs and request.
  • Space clearing is done when needed for a small fee.
  • Yearly consultations are recommended to prepare for tapping into the annual energy that changes each year.


2. Off-site Consultations are available and have been done for many clients. 
Floor plans, photo’s, and compass measurements are required by the client with a step by step guide to help, and we work together through email, phone or Skype to balance and adjust energy.


3. Building, Buying, Selling, Staging

  • Building a home or office requires the evaluation of the land, or several parcels of land to find the best energy and tap into it. We evaluate the surrounding land and environment and give you an evaluation based on the findings. We also give the direction and location to place the home or office.
  • Home buying is assisted through evaluation of the chosen home and how it is supported environmentally. Evaluating if the 8 mansion sectors are in tact, and how the home will support the occupants based on their personal Gua. Once we find the most auspicious home for your needs we give you auspicious dates using Date Selection for making an offer, settlement and move in date. These dates allow all to go smoothly and set the tone for the entire time you live in this home.
  • Selling a home we consult what the 20 year, and current year energy both show. Then based on the years energy on how easy it will be to sell the home, as well as what the BaZi charts show for the occupants on its selling probability. We help you stage the home to allow harmony and balance for those who enter. We also give you auspicious dates to list the home for selling it.


4. Workshops, Classes

  • We will do workshops and classes for groups. We give clarity on Classical Feng Shui and simply how it works. We do 5-minute readings for those in the workshops of their BaZi chart and which direction is best for them to sleep and work at the end of the discussion


5. BaZi known as 4 Pillars of Destiny

  • BaZi, 4 Pillars of destiny is thousands of years old. Your birthday and time of birth along with the 5 elements give clarity on your weaknesses and strengths. The balance of these elements will define the best direction and locations for a person to live and work, as well as have great happiness in their relationships, career, wealth, family and self. The goal is to achieve balance in all the 5 elements.
  • There is also information about your current 10-year luck cycle. A luck cycle shows the impact of where you live, social connections and friends who influence you during this time. Along with the current year energy and how it impacts your relationships, wealth, health, career and family either in a nourishing or draining affect. A chart review shares how to receive the positives or mitigate any negatives in your BaZi. Knowing the positives and negatives of a chart help you to be prepared whether you will have a windfall come your way, or a hurricane. Either way you want to be prepared!!!! That is what birth charts do when read. They allow you to be prepared for good or bad and then you choose the path you will take. It is a tool to enhance your life.
  • The first chart purchased is a Lifetime Review that share how your elements support or drain you, along with the 10-year luck cycle and current year of energy.
  • You can order in two ways: 1. Phone consult 2. Typed review
  • BaZi constitutes 1/3 of clarity for having balance in our lives. The other 1/3 is your home’s Feng Shui and the final 1/3 is your choices and decisions made daily, called “our free will.”

BaZi reading helps guide one to achieve their fulfillment

Did you know:

  • Those who need to win have fire as dominant element.
  • Those who need to be right metal is dominant
  • Those who need to be comfortable earth is dominant
  • Like to be liked wood is dominant.
  • Your year born shares how you think and feel, along with your logic.
  • Your month born shares quality of your life and how you perceive things.
  • Your day born shares the your mindset,beliefs and about your spouse.
  • Your hour born shares about your ideas and actions you take.

Would you like to know what your date of birth shares?


6. Date Selection known as Ze Ri

  • Feng Shui is earth luck, man luck is your own personal birth chart, and heaven luck is timing. When you use the right timing and location, you can alter your circumstances. Date Selection is defined as a metaphysical science that allows us to select a date, on which the energy on that day will best support a particular activity to maximize its chances of success. Date Selection also is used with Feng Shui in helping to remove a negative problem in a residence or business.
  • Science shows our Earth, moon, stars and other planets in our solar system produce energy as they orbit around the sun. As do the celestial bodies beyond our milky way. Galileo (1564-1642), and other astrophysicists have long proven that the constellations do generate energy and gravitational forces. These celestial bodies exert energies upon one another influencing the flow of our universe. Then the Chinese began to study the interaction between the forces exerted in the constellations and how these forces influenced mankind and the natural phenomena on Earth. They documented these findings thoroughly for future reference and research and Zi Re was born. Chinese Emperors relied on Date Selection for matters of state, warfare, planting crops, and political affairs. This energy is what Date Selection uses on specific days, time and in a specific location.
  • Personal Date Selection allows us to select the most suitable date for undertaking a specific activity or endeavor, by using our BaZi (Birth Chart). This approach can be used for any activity from selecting a date for a wedding, surgery, job interview, contract signing, or a meeting between heads of state, to allow maximum success.
  • Feng Shui Date Selection allows us to select the best date to move into a new house or open a business, so we can activate and tap into the optimum success for as long as you live there or run the business.
  • Both allow us to make the most of the positive energy on a good date, to maximize our chances of success in all area’s of our life.
  • The One time Set up for your Personal Date Selection Calendar is information based on your Bazi/Birthchart that shows special stars that support you and stars that do not. This list can help you when choosing a date to activate as to narrow down the activities the date supports.
  • You can purchase the following:
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Monthly Review of home, office, BaZi and dates that connect to you personally
  • Specific dates for engagement, wedding, surgery, contract signing, house listing, and more for success


7. Gift Certificates are emailed or USPS mailed to your favorite somebody for the services listed above.

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