Qi Men Dun Jia Course London, November 22-25 BLOG

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Qi Men Dun Jia Course London, November 22-25 BLOG

Qi Men Dun Jia London – Nov 22-25, 2014

Time: 10-5pm daily

QMDJ has 5 methods. Three of them will be taught in the London course. In this course, you will learn the following:

Forecasting Life Questions

A Qi Men chart informs you what is happening in your environment.

* How to forecast the outcomes of questions and actions you take
* Answers to questions like: Is this a good financial investment? Is starting this business going to be lucrative? Is taking this job a good career move? What will be the outcome of this surgery? Is this a good relationship or partnership to pursue? Where is my lost jewelry? What is the value of attending this important meeting? Will I pass this exam?
* How to find solutions to forecast outcomes you do not like

Qi Men Version of Destiny Analysis

Different from BaZi, QM is easier to learn and tends toward practical information.

* You will learn about the advantages and challenges in major areas of your life and what you can do about them
* How to understand destiny in major aspects of your life. In areas like: Opportunities & Career, Wealth Generation, Overall Well Being, Wisdom & Knowledge, Capacity for Risk Taking, General Outlook & Perspective on Life, Property & Asset Accumulation, Family Matters/Retirement/Health Recovery, Karmic “Debt,” Academic Capabilities, Propensities to Health Issues
* How your QM chart reveals the dominate spiritual influences in your life
* Seeing what a year or month brings to you

Spiritual Dimension of QMDJ

There are 8 deities reflecting different qualities that play in one’s life. They include: Chief, 9Heavens, 6Harmony, 9 Earth, Moon, Tortoise/Red Phonix, Tiger/Hook, Snake. Chief governs the 8.

* How to use the power of the subconscious mind
* How to tap into universal spiritual forces that play heavily in your life
* How to use the spiritual realm on demand and to your advantage

These introductory courses are a step-by step program for beginners in the various applications of QMDJ on Destiny, Forecasting Life Questions, Spiritual Life Influences.

Disclaimer: While our material is based on courses taken with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy, this program is not the same and does not represent the contents nor syllabus of Joey Yap’s propriety trademarked and copyrighted program – Qi Men Feng Shui™ and Qi Men Strategic Execution™

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