The Wood Horse has arrived today!!!

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The Wood Horse has arrived today!!!

JIA WU has officially arrived in to the United States at 6:05am this morning! We welcomed 2014 year of the Wood Horse and all the energies it brings. Fire is the predominant theme in this Horse, so wherever you have fire in your BaZi chart you can see opportunities this year come to you. Wood is the 2nd strong element helping with research, academics and development. The 2014 Flying stars are in place today, with the positive area’s of the year being South, North and SW giving support of increase. The East, NE and NW however can be very draining, and area’s to watch your finances as well as health if you work, sleep or enter in one of the 3. SE, West and the Center all give us a break this year. More to come about the New Horse year soon!

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